> Maidens

Enlightened 30"x40"
The Bride 30"x48"
Mystical Cat 30"x40"
La Jardiniere 30"x48"
Ribbon in Her Hair 30"x48"
 La Reine 30"x48"
Saint Alice 24"x24"
The Messenger 36"x48"
Nahla in Meditation 30"x40"
Queen of Nature and Fox-and-a-Half 24"x48"
Divine Intervention 30"x40"
Light above the Clouds 30"x48"
Horse Tales 24"x48"
Earth as I Loved it 36"x48"
 The Rainmaker 30"x40"
Enchanted 36"x48"
Little Goddess  24"x48"
Wisdom and Creation 24"x30"
Peace on Earth 13"x19"
Snow Angel  30"x40"
Hands in the Sky 30"x40"
Off My Cloud. 18"x24"
Quiet observer  36"x48"
Weathervane 1
Victory of Innocence Over Evil 30"x40"
Weathervane 4
Weathervane 3
Forest Midnight Magic. I. Bryer
Weathervane 2