> Mermaids and Creatures

Tree Fairy 8"x8"
Baby Mermaid 36"x48"
Traveling Saints 12"x30"
Les Chats 5"x5" each
Snow Warrior 16"x20"
Birdy Heart 16"x20"
We Shall Sail Into the Night 8"x8"
 Leave if you Must 8"x8"
The Tree House 15"x30"
Luis 8"x8"
 Lola 8"x8"
The Mermaid Garden 48"x90"
Le Tres Beau Voyage 12"x30"
Bird tryptich
Red Angel 10"x20"
Namaste Mermaid 10"x20"
The Creature 9"x12"
Parcourir le Monde 15"x30"
Heather's Dreams
Hedi's Bird
Under the Vast Oceans 12"x36"
Fishing Bird 6"x6"
Klimt's Mermaid 36"x48"
Mermaid Family 30"x48"
Indigo Babies 8"x10"
Fish in a Ribbon 8"x8"
Bruno 5"x5"
Mermaid Sisters 24"x48" each
Indigo Child 9"x12"
Aquarian Babies 20"x20"
Be Like Water. 30"x40"
 Lala. Traveling by Feathers. 9"x12"
Django. Traveling by Feathers. 9"x12"
The Expedition
Baby Buddha