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Saturday, 13 April 2013


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I LOVE what you did with yours! His paintings are lovely but yours are fantastic!xx


I love to see where you get your inspiration!! but I have to agree with the above comment, I too, prefer yours!!! :)


Thank you Jess and Deborah, you guys must be color lovers like me. Brown is not as much fun.


Ditto for me! Immediately I resonated with yours!! They are exciting and beautiful - LOVE them!!!


Daureen and Deb, I already know you have been traveling jet-setters your whole life and you love a nice adventure. But I guess you haven't been yet able to travel by bird (imagine that).

Shelley Whiting

Your paintings are very imaginative and magical. Beautiful work..


Shelley, thank you for the compliment. I sure have a beautiful time painting them.

Jane Moore Houghton

Really lovely :-) Glad to have discovered another whimsical kindred spirit. All the best to you!

Shelley cassidy

Its early in the morning in London and just looking at your beautiful paintings transports me to a magical world. I've been following your art for a long time and you just get better

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