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Thursday, 23 February 2012


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Brennen McElhaney

Isabelle, thanks for posting this interview! (and the wonderful pictures.)

Especially poignant:

IB- Do you feel that the personality of the artist plays a part in your decision to buy?

D- Yes. We like to connect with the artist and are interested in the creative process. If we don't care for the artist we would rather not buy the art.


Cool interview Isabelle. Interesting about the Dennis Hopper relationship - he has some pieces by Eric Stotik - a Portland artist I admire.
I love it when people I know buy from me or when I establish a connection via art sales. I really like knowing where my art is and if I get to see it again in it's new home - that's a huge bonus.

Angie Richmond (@write_me_happy)

Great post! I love looking at all different kinds of art.

Can you find out the artist of the "Trust You Heart" painting?


Isabelle Bryer

Hello Angie! Nice to hear from you. The "Trust your Heart" painting is by L.A artist Kami Lerner.
Here is the link to her website: http://www.kamiart.com/main.html

Isabelle Bryer

Hi CJY, I looked up Eric Stotik, pretty intense and dark work! thanks for mentioning him. It's good to know I am not the only one who likes to go and "visit" her art after it was sold. I feel less weird :)


What, real collectors do not match their artwork to their couch color?! I knew that... but can't help myself.

Great to get a peak at Debra's fantastic and eclectic collection.

Isabelle Bryer

Yes Brennen, here is the situation: we have to make wonderful art AND be adorable at the same time to get a chance to sell. Jeeez.
I just looked you up, you make beautiful landscapes...

Isabelle Bryer

Corine, I am desperately trying to match my couch to my artwork which is much harder.


Isabelle!! you forgot to mention that you are my favorite artist and your work is my most treasured!!! :)

Isabelle Bryer

Thank you Deborah, it is very nice of you to say. Myself I am partial to Basquiat ;)

kara rane

hi Isabelle~
so fun, thank You. Art really does make the world (& any space) so much better. I love the salon style of Deborah's home~ beautiful*!

Isabelle Bryer

It is true Kara, Deborah's house is very entertaining, they also like to switch the art around whenever they bring a new piece.


Wow, so beautiful, now that's a home with Big Soul! And you know what else caught my attention; it looks Deborah was your Snow Angel model?!

Isabelle Bryer

No Lali, Deborah was not the model for Snow Angel but I can see how you might think so, they do look alike. She does own the original as you can see. I had painted a portait of her a long time ago that is not shown on these photos.

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good job and nice work

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In collector's eyes everything has an art and it simply covers passion within it.And so all are made in unique hand work to show craftsmanship to what we did.

pamela jones

Beautiful artwork ~ thanks for sharing


Fabulous interview, Isabelle!!!! Loved the questions you asked Deb (and her answers, too)! The photos truly encompass the scope of their amazing collection and reflect beautifully her and Eric's attitude and taste. I am consistently impressed and entertained by their collection. And I agree with Deb - your pieces are my favorites!! :) Especially love the last one with the darling model, Simba, next to his portrait. Joy!!

Isabelle Bryer

Daureen!! So glad to "see" you here!! I am so happy you read this interview. Yes they do have a nice collection and you can see the heart they put into picking each pieces, which is how art should be chosen. The first thing I do when I get to their house is to sneak around to see what's new!

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