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Thursday, 05 January 2012


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Isabelle, all I can say is a sincere THANK YOU for this wonderful, beautiful post...I'm geting a little emotional here...and you know what, you didn't just found a photo of our village but a photo of the exact place where your Snow Angel will live...these angels are sure whispering in our ears ;-)

Isabelle Bryer

Dear Karla, that is an amazing coincidence that you live just right in this spot. It must be what they call synchronicity. It is really a great place to be on this earth. Thank you again for sending me your daughter's artwork :)


This is fantastic!


what a great story!!!

Isabelle Bryer

Thank you guys, I thought so too. I love the internet. It allows that kind of instant magic.

kara rane

Precious. Perfect. exactly what art is...Connecting. Inspiring. Love.

Josette Baumsten

What a great compliment to have such a young child appreciate your art. You deserve it,
your art is so beautiful and unique.

Isabelle Bryer

Thank you Josette, I am pretty proud that she made that picture. I'm keeping it on my desktop!

Isabelle Bryer

Kara, I think you are right, art is meant to connect with people. And if you add internet to the mix you can reach out into the whole world!

Paul Moshay

What a wonderful story, just shows how art can connect all people, this should happen more often in this world!

Art By Katy

This is definitely synchronicity at play! And it's not just the story itself, it's the way you unfold the story, the words you choose to express it are similar to the colors and technique in your paintings. Brava, Isa!

Isabelle Bryer

Thank you Katy, can you believe the one image of her town I picked online is exactly where she is moving to?. This gave me the chills...

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