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Monday, 19 December 2011


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Sean james

love it great work


I love your work & this was a very cool post. You have such a wild imagination, & I know I could never paint something so compelling. I do think it would be nice to see you painting in a video... I've never taken a painting class & find videos that teach techniques helpful...I think disclosing details doesn't make it less special, it adds an element that encourages adults & children to explore painting...You don't have to be Bob Ross, but I think the process of painting shouldn't be guarded. Your own ideas & experience is your allure & that really can't be emulated.


Bonjour! I love how you posted each step and the thought process that went behind them. Beautiful art, and I'm happy to have discovered you on Twitter!


Thanx, its interesting to be walked through your process. I read the first one the other day so its good to see it to completion.

Isabelle Bryer

Thank you Sean. There is a little magic in a good hair stylist's hands.

Isabelle Bryer

Alicia thanks for your input, if a step by step can truly motivate people into making art then it is all good. I think that most people who love art but don't do it are probably great artists who didn't get a fair chance to try.

Isabelle Bryer

Bonjour Caroline! I am glad my step by step art piece was compelling to you. Please stick around and I will try to keep it interesting.

Isabelle Bryer

Christine, I am looking at my piece right now wondering whether I should modify it a little bit! I won't be able to rest until it's varnished and THEN it will be done :)


I love seeing the process step by step!! seeing the evolution only verifies your genius!! :)

Isabelle Bryer

Deborah thank you, I love your comment but I don't think we can use the G word about my work (yet)... :)


If the boy intends to spend the rest of his life with her he should want to know all that made her who she is.

kara rane

magic*!❤ every step of the way~

Isabelle Bryer

Corine, I would agree with you but I don't think guys really want to know that much about what makes us gorgeous (god knows why I include myself in that conversation). You are definitely a romantic ;)

Isabelle Bryer

Thank you Kara, it's good that you still feel the magic even after seeing all the tricks!

Paul Moshay

Isabelle, I think it makes the painting even more interesting when I can see the changes and read your thoughts about the making of the piece. Since I don't paint, the process is magical to me. As a photographer, the finished piece must all be in place before I release the shutter, of course a lot goes on in the darkroom or the computer before it is framed, but all the elements must be there originally.

Isabelle Bryer

I see what you mean Paul but some excellent photographer out there use crazy technology to add anything they want in their images. I imagine that if you make photos that are authentic and pure than you do need everything already there. Well, I'm happy you enjoyed my step-by step!

Rachel M Cotton

I LOVE to look at processes of other artists, and I have had really great responses to sharing my own process form start to finish with a painting. The magic is in the decision making of the artist, b/c we all think differently. Showing that process of decision after decision is just a display of the magic. Great work! Keep it up :)

-Rachel M Cotton

Isabelle Bryer

Rachel I think you are right, everything would turn out entirely different if another artist was holding the brush so you are really giving a demonstration of what your particular thought process is.

betty ming liu

the artist's process will always be a mystery! this post is a lovely peek into your creativity. i love hearing your explain the development of this piece. is the last image varnished? or would that change the paint colors?

Isabelle Bryer

Hello Betty, the last image is not varnished yet. Not because the varnish would change the color but because it makes it so glossy that it becomes harder for me to get a good photo. I usually get it professionally photographed later. Thanks for reading!

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