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Thursday, 08 December 2011


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Lisa Isabella Russo

This is so fantastic. I love the girl and the bear and the hands and the tree and well ALL of it!! Your work in progress shots are fascinating, thank you for posting them.

Isabelle Bryer

Thank you Lisa for your encouraging comment. When using the dry-brush technique it can look "bad" for a long time before the piece finally looks good. You have to trust the process. Stay tuned for the final image :)

Rabbit Town Animator

I love reading about your work in progress. The work looks amazing and I can't wait to see it all finished!

Isabelle Bryer

Thank you dear Animator. I was ambivalent about posting a step by step, worried that it might spoil the "mystery" to show how it's done.
Now I'd better make the final image amazing! thanks for your interest :)

kara rane

hi Isabelle~
i love hands & am just finishing up my series
'Astrological Hands' where I have interpreted each sign of the zodiac. So amazing how we All connect, and I feel that the helping hands of others are true angels.
enjoy the entire zodiac here --->
much kindness*

Isabelle Bryer

Thank you for sharing your link Kara. Your idea of mixing the theme of hands with astrological sign is really original.


I love to see process in action. Can hardly wait to see the finished piece. Lovely, lovely work.

Isabelle Bryer

Thank you Meridith. We both have similar taste in art I see (I looked up your work)! I can't wait to see what this piece looks like too, every time I try to pick up a brush and work on it some urgent matter comes up and I have to stop painting! It will be done soon, please come back and check...

Ann Shankar

I was finally able to look at your process.I love the final painting, and I enjoy watching the steps you take to create it. You inspire me.

Isabelle Bryer

Hello Ann. So now you know how this painting was created. I am in the middle of another one and I am taking photos! I am so glad you are inspired by this painting!

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