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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


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They look like creatures out of a fairy tale. Everything revolves around their large beautiful yet somewhat emotionless, empty eyes. Thank you for sharing!


Wow! An amazing artist! Thanks for introducing him to me!


Perfect and perfectly creepy on paper, but if I were to meet one of them in the street I'd still be running in the other direction 4 hours later.

( I'd probably do that with The Bieber with or without Photoshop :)

Isabelle Bryer

Not me Corine, I would pick up and snuggle these two little ones with the furry hats!

Isabelle Bryer

Carrie and Caroline I am glad you like his work, did you get a chance to look at his website? There are some more disturbing portraits there, I picked the tame ones for this post....


I was going to say they were freaking me out until I saw the 6th one down. That one is SO cute! The wonders of Photoshop eh? (I'm pleading guilty of erasing spots.) ;o)
Jess x

Isabelle Bryer

Yes, Jessie, I agree, nothing says cute like a baby face in a furry lamb bonnet! I don't blame you for erasing spots, it seems fair game since they are part of our faces only for a few days at a time :)

Art By Katy

I think you hit on something with the media celebrity thing...but to take it further, there are people out there actually photoshopping themselves in real life via extreme plastic surgery/implants/etc. Now THAT'S scary! :) Great blog btw.

Isabelle Bryer

Yes, Katy, I know all too well what you are saying. Come to California for a visit and see how we are slowly mutating into ageless creatures here....


That is pretty amazing and yet disturbing. I don't know if I would put up art like that in my house. But in a horror film, yes that will work just fine :)

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