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Tuesday, 29 November 2011


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looool glimpse at my life :P

kara rane

smiling all the time ))

Isabelle Bryer

Christina, is it possibly human to have an eye on our kids at all time? I don't think so! and it makes for great memories!

Glad you liked the post Kara. I have to say that I have seen "real paintings" in galleries and museums that looked a lot like what these kids are doing. A few of of them selling for very large amounts of money.


that is hysterical!!!!

Isabelle Bryer

Deborah, I am sure none of that ever happened at your house and you still managed to raise very artsy kids. I don't know how you did it. I have crayon marks made by my daughter on several of my paintings....


Hehe. Hilarious. Love the quote, too. So true.

Isabelle Bryer

Aubrey, I think these images need to be seen BEFORE we decide to get pregnant just so we know what we get ourselves into...

Art By Katy

the car photo made me laugh and so glad i can get a kid fix anytime i want by visiting my nieces' and nephews' kids....and then go home without them! ;-)

Isabelle Bryer

I know, that one made me laugh too, if it was my kid doing this to my car I would have cried though...

Lids Fashion

I adopted 3 kids all who have ADD or ADHD. I have have maple syrup on my home surround sound. I had a child while I was asleep find a sharpie and color all over my bathroom walls and I was trying to sell the has at the time. The answer is no you can not watch them 24 hrs a day. I did have to sleep sometime.


Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, no one can watch kids non stop. I hope by now your kids grew out of their creative crazy phase!

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