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Saturday, 19 November 2011


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Amy Guidry

Love these! Yes, I agree the painting she is sitting in front of is my favorite as well.

Isabelle Bryer

New Orleans and LA. in general is overflowing with talent as I have discovered being "plugged in" so-to-speak very recently. Between yourself, Rebecca, Alexa Pulitzer and Shelley Hesse I think I have only barely cracked the surface!

kara rane

very sweet~ lovely work on her blog too (real quilts for those dreamy beds..)

Isabelle Bryer

Kara, talking about her quilts, Rebecca has made a quilt design for Anthropologie, I saw an image of it, it looks amazing.


wonderful!! and they are your kind of trees!


super cool! i love this blog Isa. So thoughtful and thought provoking xoxo

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