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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


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Like you, I viewed it as a moment of pleasure. Cake, ice cream, bath... I would add a glass red wine and make it a night! Then after seeing the image of her in a fetal position surrounded by cupcakes I realized the message she was trying to get across. They are strong images.

I love that you wrote this, it's so true:
"I think this shows again that when we fall in love with a particular image it is because it resonates with us, our lives, our culture, our individual experience. It is independent of any conceptual message and one doesn't have to intellectually "understand" art to like it."

Isabelle Bryer

Gia, I guess you are a food lover too!
Regarding the second part of your comment, it always saddens me when people feel that they are lacking knowledge or art education in order to enjoy art. We don't need education to love an amazing sunset...it's the same thing.

Art By Katy

Isa this is my first time reading your blog and I LOVE your writing voice and your choice of topics. Brava and keep on making art (and talking about it). xo

Isabelle Bryer

Hi Katy,
Thank you for your encouragement!! So glad you like my Art blog :)

Janet Bocciardi

Wow - what a great post. Those are paintings?! Amazing... I'm not French, but I love how the French live. How do you stay so thin though?! Maybe it is the attitude - you don't overdo, because it's not forbidden.

Isabelle Bryer

Janet, thank you for reading me. yes, these paintings are so beautiful. She manages to have a message and still make Art that's incredibly gorgeous.
My opinion about what we eat in France is that it is probably way less processed than what we can find here, and I think processed food really messes up your system and makes you fat and addicted to more processed food. Also I think we have less ambivalence about eating desserts and butter and sugar. We just do it (at least I do). Oh and we are not THAT thin either, it is somewhat of a myth!

New Orleans Wedding Venues

I loved this post. I've never seen like it. Thanks for inspiring us. :)

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