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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


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Irit Elazar Cohen

Very interesting!

Isabelle Bryer

I'm glad you like it Irit. Hope to see you around.


Hilarious. Of course we are always trying to say what people want to hear. Let's all agree to try and stop that. Why did I paint that? I painted it because it gave me pleasure.
I also painted it in hopes that someone else will enjoy it and trade me some of their money for it. In a nutshell, "I like it. Do you? Okay, do you like it enough to buy it?"

Isabelle Bryer

Okay then, I agree with you Jesse. We will just tell the truth about why we paint what we paint. Anyway I suck at lying and embarrass myself even more so what's the point?


Hello! Have you ever experienced a situation when someone has stolen any of your articles? Many thanks in advance for your reply.


No FFL, as far as I know no one ever stole one of my post...

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