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Isabelle was born in France, studied at the Beaux-Arts in Lyon and then at the prestigious La Martiniere school of fashion. She moved to New-York in 1989 and later to L.A to work in the fashion industry until the birth of her first child. She then decided to combine artistic creation with her passion for her children and started experimenting with portraiture. Her early influences were Klimt, the Surrealist movement and then Balthus, Frida Kahlo and Douanier Rousseau. Quickly her friends asked her to paint their own children and her portrait business started flourishing. Along with many portrait commissions she developed a more personal collection and started successfully showing in galleries and venues across Los Angeles. The style of her work combines poetic emotion and descriptive symbolism. Of her artwork she says:
"I like my pictures to tell a story. The themes I am most preoccupied with are childhood, the wonderful and eerie universe of fairy tales where innocence triumphs over evil. The characters in my portraits convey serenity and innocence. They are standing full frontal as on the center of a stage, their surroundings might be strange or scary but they still remain undisturbed in the face of danger. Their quiet peace comes from within. They represent all of us struggling to keep strong and confident in a terrifying world."


I am a painter. Not only do I love making art but I love looking at other people's art. I am forever searching for the next image that will feed my addiction.